Seth Abramson — Practical realities of the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation

Attorney and writer Seth Abramson, former public defender and experienced criminal investigator, explains how we're in in for the long haul with the Trump-Russia investigation. One take-away: While the new Trumpian reality often seems like a made-for-TV ratings-driven spectacle, the real investigation is going to be slow and methodical, not a news cycle roller-coaster ride.

Trump’s Russian mob connections — the FBI raid on Trump Tower

On April 16, 2013, the FBI raided a Russian gambling and money-laundering ring operating out of a Trump Tower apartment in Manhattan -- just one floor below the penthouse apartment occupied by Donald J. Trump.  In all, the agents took 29 suspected members of two global gambling rings into custody. The illegal gambling and money-laundering… Continue reading Trump’s Russian mob connections — the FBI raid on Trump Tower

Russia election hacking — the Kushner Connection

In the summer of 2016, unexplained computer traffic was detected between Trump Tower, Russia’s Alfa Bank and Spectrum Health. The Alfa Bank servers were repeatedly looking up the Trump server’s IP address, a procedure referred to as a “DNS lookup." A DNS lookup is an initial step in establishing a communications link between computers. The… Continue reading Russia election hacking — the Kushner Connection